Online Tools Instructions

In the Music Requests…  You can search any Artist or Song Title. Once search is initiated you will have the option to add your chosen songs to your Must Play (green), Play if Possible (yellow), or Do Not Play (red) lists.  While in search mode, you can click on “speaker icon” (to left of Artist) which will open Amazon and allow you to listen to the song. You can also click on “music note icon” which will open a new web window and show you the lyrics of that song.

Your selected Request Lists will show up underneath the search results. You have the option to add a note to any particular song using the yellow notepad to the right of the song title in your list (ie; “Play for our cake cutting”, or “Make sure we are both on the dance floor when you play this”). If you would like to delete a song you’ve added, just click on the “trash icon”.

If specific songs are not showing up in your search results, don’t worry- you will still be able to add them to your list… Keep in mind, these online tools are utilized by several DJ’s across the nation and primarily list the more popular songs by artists. This is NOT my personal music library you are searching, and I am confident I will have your requested song.

If you type an artist in the “Artist” search box such as Jason Mraz, and you are looking for his song “A Thousand Years” (which you also type into the “Song” search box)…   In the SEARCH RESULTS you will get a message which reads “no songs were located matching your criteria. Please add the song to your custom request list”. Click on the link: add the song.

A box will appear where you can list the Artist and Song Title, then hit the + button. If you know without a shadow of a doubt that Jason Mraz did a version of “A Thousand Years”, simply type his name and that song title and add it to your list. Your custom songs will show at the bottom of your song list.

THE EASIEST WAY TO SEARCH FOR SONGS…  You will see a button in the top line of Song Search entitled “Most Requested”. Click on this and you will see the Overall Top 200 Songs played at weddings in the past month. You will see a drop box where it says “Select A List”. Here you can navigate songs by trending, decade, the Top 50 Songs used for 1st Dance, Father-Daughter, Cake, Bouquet Toss, etc. as well as Ceremony Music.

REMEMBER to periodically save your work!  If you do not “Save List” before exiting online tools, you will lose your inputted info 🙁

Add as much info as you can to your Music Requests and Planning Form. The more information you add, the better prepared I am to personalize your day. I am happy to meet with you both whenever it is convenient to discuss your wedding details. In the meantime you will find our online tools very easy to use.

We will definitely meet again about two weeks prior to your wedding date to finalize all of your details. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can assist you with any aspect of your wedding planning.