Gobo / Video Montage


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When your guests enter your reception and see your names projected in lights, you have created the “Wow” factor… They will immediately realize that your celebration is going to be one to remember.

A Gobo Monogram adds a unique element of visual stimulation to your decor and is an elegant way to serve some eye-candy to your guests as an exclusive feature for your wedding celebration. This makes for fantastic photo opportunities with your family and friends.

Gobos are commonly placed on a prominent wall of your chosen venue, and space permitting, ideally over your “Sweetheart (or Head) Table”. Your uniquely designed Gobo can be projected on to your dance floor, although the logistics of your venue’s layout will play a large role in this option. Keep in mind, placing your Gobo onto your dance floor will have an impressive initial impact, but once the dancing begins, your guests will not be able to see it.

Depending on the environment, your Gobo can also be projected onto the ceiling or drapes. We are happy to offer our experience and direction in helping you to choose the most optimal placement. 

Gobo / Video Montage

We offer several Classic Monogram design options to fit your unique style. For an additional fee, we can custom design your gobo monogram for you. If you are interested in taking your gobo design options to the next level… ask about our most recent offering: Motion Monograms.


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Your Personalized Video Montage

With our photo-video montage services, we will assemble your personal photos and video clips to create a customized slideshow or photo-video montage. Displaying your personalized video montage is a perfect way to celebrate life’s special moments, missed loved ones, and all the fun and crazy circumstances that have led up to your I Do’s.

Allow DiJital Engagement to combine photos, video clips, music, and special effects to create a customized slideshow that bring your personal photos and video to life and allow you to experience your memories in a whole new way.

Already have your slideshow together?  DiJital Engagement can provide your video screen and projector and handle the presentation for you.