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Having your personally designed monogram projected on the wall above your Head (or Sweetheart) Table, or centered on your dance floor at your venue is a fantastic option to add a touch of elegance to your wedding.


What is a Gobo?

A gobo is a template that light shines through to project an image onto a surface. The term “gobo” is an acronym that stands for “GOes Before Optics.”

Gobos are used in specialty Gobo Projection Lights that are designed to shine through the gobo template and project the design from the template onto a surface.

Gobos come in a variety of sizes that are based on the lights used to project them. These can vary greatly between light units. Many cheap lights DJ and other rental companies have use very small gobo templates. This limits the detail that can be used in a design and the brightness of the image.

Gobo lighting is also referred to as logo lighting, monogram lighting, name-in-lights, wedding lighting, or texture lighting.






Standard gobo sizes good for all designs:

  • 86mm – B-Size (Source 4 Ellipsoidal, Altman Shakespeare)
  • 66mm – M-Size (Source 4 Jr.)
  • 54mm – D-Size (LED Gobo Lighting and some Martin units)
  • 37.5mm – E-Size (LED Gobo Lighting)


What Type of Gobo Do I Need?

The right gobo type will allow your design to shine without limiting it. The right gobo type will also fit and work in the light that you will be projecting with. Making sure you have the right size and the right type will ensure you get the best results possible from your projection.


Gobo Examples:


Gobo examples



Ordering a Gobo


Allow us to assist you in creating a gobo for your specialized occasion. Our designers can help you find the right gobo template for your design matched to your light. You must submit your design or idea for your monogram at least three weeks prior to your event to ensure it is ready on time for your celebration.