LED Uplighting


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Enhance Your Selected Wedding Colors With LED Uplighting!

We offer color-match LED Uplighting to enhance the ambiance of your celebration. Our low-wattage, LED lights are positioned around the room, near the dance floor or along architectural features of your venue to accent your decor and add warmth to the overall space. We can illuminate your wedding venue in any color you desire. Simply choose your color(s) and leave the rest to our professional lighting technicians.

LED Uplighting is one of the most cost effective and dramatic ways of making your unique event truly unforgettable and memorable. We offer colored lights or warm white and gold hues to accent an already vivid room to create depth and drama with lighting.


LED Uplighting

LED Uplighting

LED Uplighting

Pin Spotting is one of the newest trends and adds a touch of elegance to featured decor at your wedding. These small fixtures shine a soft white and focused beam of light onto desired points of interest in your event space such as the wedding cake, center pieces, gift table, etc. As lights dim in your event space, the pin spot lighting will make sure these areas of interest stand out.


Color Finder

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Use the sliders above, to find your wedding colors.  RGB values can help us match your lighting.