Online Planning Tools



Online Planning Tools

Welcome to the DiJital Engagement Online Experience.

Here you can begin working on your event planning details immediately! Upon booking our services, we will provide you with a unique login and password.

When you login for the first time, you will see a link to your Planning Form (Reception Planner) as well as a link for your Song Requests. You can add your unique information to either of these useful and easy applications in the months, weeks, or days leading up to your special occasion. When assembling the soundtrack for your celebration, you will be able to choose songs for your Must Play, Play If Possible, and Do Not Play Song Request Lists. You can add or delete songs, attach notes to specific selections, as well as save your list to return to at your leisure.

We would also like to meet with you one on one and go over all the important details of your event. Typically we would meet for your initial free consultation, give you a password to utilize our online tools, and then would meet with you again about two to three weeks before your event to finalize your details.

As part of our service, we desire to work closely with you in organizing and planning to ensure that your affair is a success. A larger amount of detail and structure goes into a wedding reception than does a birthday party. Therefore, we typically meet couples two or three times prior to their big day, whereas some events can be planned over the phone.


Client Log-in

All DiJital Engagement clients have their own, password protected, secure web portal for their unique occasion. After logging in, you will be able to check the status of virtually any element of your event. Add or delete songs to your Request Lists and/or make any notable changes to your Event Planner. We will provide your online service up until two days prior to your event, so that we can print out and prepare for your occasion.

Please enter your event date and password to login.


Online Tools Instructions

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