Dave, WOW, WOW, WOW!………Was that a blast or what? Thank you so much for an amazing after party to our wedding. I loved the flow of the music, the way you started off soft and relaxing for our dinner yet still kept it fun and entertaining the entire time. I loved the way you played all our favorite songs. Even ones we had forgotten about, you dug up. We really wanted to keep the party old school, like an old fashion cocktail party, but then when everyone got excited about the old songs and wanted more, you were able to sense the crowd and gave them what they wanted. (With my approval of course; hehe). You certainly know the crowd.

Owning my own business and John being in the real estate field, we had several clients that needed to be impressed. And you certainly did just that!!!

You were so much help in all the planning with such wonderful ideas and input. Of course your music selection is incomparable to any service I have used in the past and a bit overwhelming I might add!!!!! And I love the fact that everything is clean and edited.

Bottom Line………… YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

Thanks Dave for making our unforgettable day just that!!!!!!


5-star review
John & Holly
Marriott Bayview – Newport Beach