Your Passion and Dedication are Evident

Dave, Olivia and I both enjoyed meeting and talking with you very much! Your passion and dedication to your craft are immediately evident. Frankly, I think you and I could have talked for many more hours about our shared musical interests. We both felt very comfortable with you and appreciated your candor with respect to business and your approach to your craft. It’s so nice to meet someone who speaks the same musical language and has similar tastes. Over the last several months, my overwhelming concern and reluctance toward hiring a DJ has been my fear that he/she would impose their musical tastes in place of ours. That is why I set out to program the music myself so as to virtually eliminate the possibility that that could happen at our wedding. After our meeting, it’s clear that your musical tastes and ours are very similar and, most importantly, you are more than willing to craft a musical program that is reflective of your client’s wants and needs as well as providing our guests with a fun experience.  I can’t tell you how much of a relief and uplifting feeling that has been. I am extremely confident that you will be able to undertake the DJ/MC duties and keep our special day on track and memorable. Again, thank you very much and we very much look forward to working you.


Thomas & Olivia
The Maxwell House – Pasadena